What Happens to A Monster - 2011 - 2012 Fourth Grade 
Halloween has come and gone but the monster still remained in the hallway.  What should we do with an 8 foot dragon monster?  Look below to see what became of the #1 monster!  It was donated to the annual school parent auction to raise money for special activities in our school.  
11/26/2011 12:51:13

Oh my gosh! Did aliens attack him? Indeed, the fate of your monster is dire! If I squint just right, I can still still see the original Dude, sort of...

Monster Central

11/26/2011 21:43:50

What a great idea! We hope you will raise a lot of funds for your creation. It was nice to skype with you and hope to see you all again!

Mrs. Allen and 5th graders from Joliet, IL

11/27/2011 22:35:15

The Brainwaves want to know why you made your Monster into a table. Can the table walk? What happened to the head? Can it talk? We think you guys are very smart, creative and awesome.

Mrs. Black
11/28/2011 01:20:09

Dear Monster makers, we think that your monster looked really scary before it became a table! We want to know how much money you raised for your creation? How did you come up with the awesome name?

11/28/2011 02:18:40

The 3H Crew would like to congratulate you on having the #1 monster! We had fun being a part of the Global Monster Project, did you? We would like to know, what happened to all of the other body parts? Thanks for Skyping with us, maybe we can do it again sometime.

Ms. Halbert and the 3H Crew
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