In the month of January the students explored the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.  Students learned about different key events and then created an animation to highlight the different events. At the end the students shared their dreams for equality.  Enjoy the movie.
In the Fall, students explored the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  Shortly after finishing the book, a movie, Hugo, was released around Thanksgiving time about the book.  The movie was directed by Martin ScoreseLiving up in the North Country things take a while to get up here.  This weekend students finally got to see the movie at the local theater in 3D.  This week, student wrote a review of the movie.  Check out their reviews on their webpage, under their writing page.
"This is the best movie I have seen. It contains the key to your heart as well as the world of magic." - E.W. is the best movie I have seen. It contains the key to your heart as well as the world of magic. is the best movie I have This movie will take you on an adventure filled of magic and dreams.  It will be remembered by all who dare to take a chance and dream. K. V.
Despite the lack of snow, winter program 2012 got off to a fine start.  The downhill skiers had a great day on the mountain.  The Nordic skiers could go because of the lack of snow, so they joined the Winter Fun group for a dog sledding adventure.  The dog sledders need to use their summer lacks because of the lack of snow.  Enjoy the pictures. 
This holiday season the fourth grade explored the holiday classic, "The Nutcracker Ballet".  After reading the story and watching parts of the ballet the students built a life size Clara holding a nutcracker. Clara was displayed at our holiday concert and admired by many.  
Halloween has come and gone but the monster still remained in the hallway.  What should we do with an 8 foot dragon monster?  Look below to see what became of the #1 monster!  It was donated to the annual school parent auction to raise money for special activities in our school.  




For the past two weeks the students have been learning about raptors and their unique adaptions.  We have learned that raptors (a.k.a bird of prey) are carnivorous animals that only eat meat.  They have sharp talons for capturing their prey and a hooked beak for ripping apart their meat to eat.  The raptors are also known for their keen eyes.  
To better understand raptors students made life size silhouettes of different raptors and research about the raptor.  The largest raptor they researched was the California Condor which has a  9 ½ feet wingspan and then there was the Peregrine Falcon with a wingspan of 40 inches. The final piece of this project was visiting the local raptor center in Quechee, Vermont to see some live raptors.  
Check out the photos of their hard work!
On Nov 10, the students travel 61 miles to Dartmouth College.  Instead of sitting in on a college lecture,  the students opted to watch a SamulNori Performance (Korean percussion and dance).  In the performance the student sat on the edge of their seats as they watched and learned about Korean drumming and culture.  For one hour the auditorium was beating with positive energy.  Afterward the performance the students met the performance on “the Green” for a quick photo opt with the performers.  Thanks for a great show.
On October 31st the students finished their monster and paraded the monster down main street.  Today we just learned that our monster was voted #1 monster for the Monster project.  Thank you for honoring this monster and the students hard work.  It has been wonderful seeing all the monsters.  Check out the photos below.!
The fourth grade for the past two weeks have secretly been meeting and building a monster in our science lab as part of the monster project hosted by Mr. Terry Smith.  What started at a pile of used boxes and junk is turning into a monstrous "dragonish" creature. Check out the pics and stay tuned because it will be shortly marching down Main Street.
Last week the students showed their understanding of life cycles and the monarch butterflies through animations.  Here is their final animations.