Your First Classmates Arrived - 2011 - 2012 Fourth Grade 
Yesterday,  our first fourth graders arrived.  All 31 one of them had a safe journey and are settling into their bed of milkweed.   Many of them already nibbling away and making the milkweed leaves look like Swiss cheese.  Some are less than an inch long while other a bigger.  These monarch caterpillars can't wait for your arrival. Look at the photos below.  
8/26/2011 10:50:07

Where do I get the milkweed? Kyle

Emma Woo
8/28/2011 03:20:27

I like the picture where the little guy is being followed by the big guy. You got them in the mail?!?

8/31/2011 08:06:04

Hey - I recognize that box! Ones just like it arrived in my classroom at the beginning of very many school years. Raising Monarchs is perhaps the best of all projects I have ever done in the classroom. Good luck with getting to know your small friends.

Dr. Terry Smith
Western Illinois University


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